A new client from our garden of Ireland in Wicklow recently contacted us regarding making a Will. His query started as;

I am retiring  soon from the public service. I was in a long relationship up to a few years ago but I’m single now & have no children. I don’t know what I should write in my Will. I have many friends, siblings & nieces and nephews. Making a Will is daunting. Have you advice?

I agreed with the client, noting that making a Will can be daunting but as against this I noted that it is a wonderful opportunity to give effect to our wishes and benefit any person or organisation that means a lot to us. The client mentioned friends, siblings, nieces and nephews. We considered was there anybody particularly good to the client, anybody who would really benefit from something and appreciate it. We also looked at a possible charitable organisation or cause?

Separately, The other matter which occured to me was an Enduring Power of Attorney. This is a mechanism which we can put in place when well appointing one or more named individuals called Attorneys to act on our behalf if God forbid our mental health deteriorates to a point where we no longer have capacity down the line.

We got the Will completed and also an Enduring Power of Attorney. This client now has peace of mind and can focus on enjoying his retirement, safe in the knowledge that all of his legal affairs are in order.