Q I’m the eldest of four children. My father passed away recently and left the house to all four children, with the youngest sibling – who has always lived in the family home (that is, our parents’ home) – given exclusive rights of residence for his lifetime. My mother passed away some time ago.

My other two siblings and I have asked our youngest sibling to waive his right of residence so that we can sell the home and split the sale proceeds equally. However, he insists he should be paid off to the tune of €100,000 in return for him waiving his lifetime rights of residence. The value of the house is €400,000.

Does he have a right to insist that he be paid off to the tune suggested in return for him giving up his right of residence? He said he will refuse to waive his right of residence if he doesn’t get this payoff. Is there any other solution in the event that he won’t waive this right? Mary, Co Kildare

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