Are you are beneficiary named in a Will?

Perhaps you have received little or no information. Maybe you were expecting to be named as a beneficiary but this hasn’t turned out to be the case. Are you curious to know if there is any basis upon which a Will can be challenged? Maybe you are unhappy about the manner in which the estate is being administered?

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We specialize in this area. Please give us a call and see if we can help you. We work with expert barristers, junior and senior counsel. We are strong advocates of being absolutely upfront in our thoughts regarding the merit or otherwise of any claims or grievance.

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Initial Consultation

It is useful to have an initial consultation, sometimes that may be all that is required in that perhaps you are just looking for information and as experts in the field, we have a wealth of knowledge the area. There may be need for further consultations, advices and the input of a barrister or tax advisor may even be necessary. We are happy to hear from you whether your query be big or small.

If you have a legitimate concern and consider that court proceedings may be necessary, it is important that you act with all possible speed.

Time Limits

In the context of any court proceedings, there are very strict time limits and irrespective of the strength of a case, if proceedings are not initiated within these statutory time limits, it is ‘curtains’.