We have all heard of a Will which might be described as a document in which we set out our wishes regarding our property and other personal matters which take effect on our death.

A Personal Choice

It is really important to remember that we each have a choice as to whether to make a Will or not. Here at Elaine Byrne Solicitors we respect this choice. We feel strongly however that any decision should be made positively and not based on fear or apprehension.

Here to Help

We always remind ourselves of our ‘raison d’etre’ ‘excellence in legal care.. by an award winning team’. So in the context of Wills, we are really comfortable advising clients, how to make a Will, matters to consider, tax implications, legal clauses, having the Will witnessed and stored.

In addition, we are passionate about the experience for each of our clients. We hope it will be enjoyable, comfortable, informative and really positive. We love what we do and want to help you.

5 Essentials to Making Your Will

Elaine spoke to Claire Byrne on RTE Radio 1 about the 5 essential things you need to keep in mind before making your will. Click the play button to listen now.

How Do I Make A Will?

1. We chat initially on the phone, ensuring we are a good fit for each other. We discuss time lines and costs. Please let us know if the matter is urgent, perhaps you or a family member are unwell. We will do our best to help you as a matter of priority. If we are unable to help within the time needed, we will refer you to a colleague.

We are reminded of clients whom we saw in the past, attended to the Will and very soon thereafter we received a phone call to say the client had sadly passed. In one instance we saw the gentleman on a Monday in hospital, got the Will done, the gentleman was really happy with everything. He passed that night. Time is of the essence and again if the matter is urgent, please let us know.

2. We will send you our Welcome Pack. This will include our Will Instruction Sheet. This will outline all of the information which we need to advise you properly. It is really helpful if you can give us lots of information. In particular, please let us have;

  • A copy of your previous Will.
  • Anti Money Laundering requirements, id and address verification
  • If you are separated or divorced, a copy of any agreements, court orders
  • Details of your assets. So e.g. bank account details, real property details – whose name is the house in? where are your title deeds?

3. We will meet virtually or chat on the phone or ideally we love to see clients in person. We hope you love our Office in Athboy County Meath as we do. You will be welcomed with a cup of tea or coffee and we will go run through everything in detail.

4. We then prepare a draft Will and send to you. In line with our environmental values, we like to email as opposed to sending paper versions. If however you would prefer to get something in the post that is no problem either.

5. Two weeks from our initial meeting we will meet again to get all completed. The Will is signed, witnessed, logged on our system and stored in our fireproof safe. We will issue you with our thank you pack to include a copy of your Wills and our full details. We are really grateful to our clients and we will always give a small token of appreciation. This could be

  • A jar of honey made with love by our busy bees at our home in Clondalever, County Westmeath
  • A jar of jam made by Elaine, perhaps using blackberries that have been picked on the family farm
  • Some fresh eggs, laid by the family hens in Clondalever
  • On a good day, some home baked goodies, maybe cookies or scones

6. Sometimes, further meetings are needed before the Will is completed. Some clients may be fortunate enough to have a large asset base, in this case we will work with your accountant or tax advisor and make you Will as tax efficient as possible. For other clients, circumstances may be colourful / complex, so we may need to plan and advise on possible claims that could be made and do our best to minimise the likelihood of same.

Please remember – We are always on hand to deal with queries big or small. Contact us