For Elaine Byrne, home is a working farm, where she spent the pandemic with her husband and three young children. Elaine found the experience a positive one, and she believes technology has led to faster resolutions for clients, from the first meeting to completion.

She works for Trim-based Regan McEntee & Partners, and praises the firm’s managing partner Anthony Murphy for being supportive and “embracing wellness” during the pandemic. Elaine used some of her saved commuting time to take up running, which she has continued.

In future, Elaine believes a mixed-working model would work best, combining the camaraderie of the office with the advantages – particularly for a parent – of remote working.

She qualified as a solicitor in 2008 and, as a specialist in wills and probate, has noticed a significant COVID-inspired increase in the number of clients making wills over the past year.